Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Regaining Steam

I confess that I have lost steam in my blogging life and spiritual life. As I await a move (6 weeks and much to pack much to do) my brain is overflowing with things to do. I wake up at 5:00 am thinking about what I have to do today. My wife and I have made calendars with our plans between now and move day, June 26th, and it is full, really FULL! Add to that my senior pastor will have major surgery on May 29th which leaves me in charge of the church until move day, June 26th. I am sad to leave the church but on June 26th (if I keep saying it I hope I can push it further into the future) I will be excited to be a senior minister myself.

In all this though I have lost the spiritual part of the act of blogging. I started in Lent and did wonderfully well, then after Easter, in all the commotion, in all the craziness of the church I lost my steam. I realized that I also lost focus. I did not have a daily devotion driving my mind to think holy, to think about God.

In all the busyness, in all the chaos, in the land of boxes I will be living in for the next three months, I need to remember Psalm 46, "be still and know that I am God." God will make sense of all the fluff and crap that has occurred here at HLUMC. God will guide my family and I in this transition. God is here in my office now, telling me to stop, slow down, and be with him for a while.

I covenant to be more diligent in doing so. I pray I can regain my steam during this transition and be pushed closer in my relationships with God, family, friends and my new congregation.

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